Interested in an On-site Workshop?

Let’s us know what your community or team needs and how MP can help with your training. Our coaches have trained top Ultimate players around the world and would love to visit your town. We are excited to meet you!

Let's Connect
  • On-site coaching with an MPFPT coach.
  • In the gym and on-field sessions with hands-on, walk-throughs of the most holistic physical development system for Ultimate players.
  • For teams or communities looking to take their performance to the next level.
  • For High School aged and Adult athletes.
  • MP Coaches have trained Ultimate players in over 22 countries, including top elite teams and players.
  • All participants receive one free month of MPFPT membership site.
  • Costs can include coaches’ travel expenses and fees, field and gym rentals, promotion and other items like field snacks.