Receive one-on-one coaching and personal interaction with Tim Morrill or one of our certified MP coaches. Get an individualized program and feedback based on your training history and goals.

The program:

  • Be held accountable for executing the program.
  • Consistent e-mail correspondence
  • Check-in Skype calls between phases.
  • You must make videos and send them over so our coach can see your movement and give you cues.
  • The more questions you ask and the more videos you make the better.
  • The Skype calls and consistent correspondence allow our coach to make your Phase 2 and Phase 3 more customized based on your training history and competition calendar.
  • Receive your program phase by phase with embedded video links so you have the resource. You should fill in your weight so I know you are loading properly. 



  • Limited Spots Available

Interested in One-on-One Distant Coaching